A smiling child in a white t-shirt balancing a toy on their head.

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Two children sit on the top step of a staircase.
An orange cat is curled up cosily on a round pink cushion.
A woman in a long skirt and head scarf stands in the open doorway of a building in the city.
A closeup of a small photograph of two people.
A family plays with a toy train set on the floor of a living room.
A neatly organised cabinet with glass doors.
A person wearing overalls sits on a stool at a desk in a home workspace.
A group of seven women standing outside a house.
A smiling woman wearing a scarf.
Three small children sitting and playing at a dining table.
A record player sits atop wooden shelves.
A young man in a white tshirt uses a sewing machine.
A woman in a yellow top and jeans waters plants on a balcony.