A collage of five photos, including a grocery store, an office, a dining room, a food setting, and children playing.

No IKEA store where you are? We are here to help.

Order from our International Sales Department in 7 steps

How to buy IKEA products from a different country

1. Check your eligibility

2. Get inspired

Three people are busy working in a light-filled, white office setting with grey and black accents.

An office space that works

More than a coffee shop

A couple of people are sitting and socialising whilst enjoying drinks inside a vibrant and lively café.
Black display cases, a clothing rack and a display table are filled with products including clothing and cosmetic items.

Displays that dazzle

3. Choose your products

4. Receive your shipping quote and timeline

A wedding planner showroom with a sofa and coffee table, a shelving unit displaying tableware, and a rail with white dresses.

5. Fill out the customer form

6. Confirm and pay

7. Enjoy your products