Serving the yummiest meatballs since 1985

A taste of the times

Chef Severin Sjöstedt stands in a kitchen. He smiles at the camera as he cooks meatballs.

The birth of an icon

A bowl of IKEA chicken balls, garnished with herbs sit in a white bowl, on a wooden board. Behind are additional plates of food and a spoon.

Now in chicken

A frying pan filled with HUVUDROLL vegetable balls in a curry sauce, with vegetables, herbs and bread on the side.

Vegetarians rejoice!

A plate of mooseballs with chanterelles, cabbage, apples and sauce on a plate.

Did somebody say mooseballs?

A white plate on a white tablecloth. The dish is IKEA salmon balls in a creamy sauce with a sprig of dill.

Hooked on salmon balls

An IKEA instruction sheet with images showing how to make IKEA meatballs at home.

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Huvudroll Plant balls in a metal frying pan, mixed with green peas, fennel and other vegetables. There are herbs nearby.

Better all round